Kebler Pass, Lost Lake & Lake Irwin (summer only)
Kebler Pass is reached via a 10,000′ high road connecting Paonia (Highway 133) and Crested Butte. In the summer, this unpaved road is open to all vehicle traffic and is well maintained. The pass is closed in the winter. They say that Kebler Pass is home to the largest Aspen organism in the world and the fall leaves are absolutely glorious. There is plenty of hiking and camping on Kebler Pass, including two of our favorites listed below:

Lost Lake Campground is a great place for families to camp. Parents and children alike will enjoy fishing and hiking around Lost Lake, Dollar Lake and Lost Lake Slough. Beckwith Pass provides breathtaking vistas of the Ruby Mountain Range. The wildflowers in this region are phenomenal during mid-July and early August. The Columbine, Colorado’s state flower, should not be missed when in full bloom, spectacular and numerous!

Lake Irwin Campground is bordered on the eastern side by Lake Irwin and the western side by the Ruby Mountain Range. This rugged terrain provides challenging but spectacular mountain biking and hiking. The lake is usually so full of fish you can see them rise to the calm surface. The area is very picturesque and filled with wildflowers in July and August. There are 32 campsites in the established campground and numerous informal sites tucked away in the area.