There is something about the North Fork Valley. It attracts people who want to get their hands dirty – whether in the garden or in life. Part of that is participating in this vibrant community (you can too!), and part is being outdoors and focusing on healing and peace. If you want a vacation that includes spa, meditation, yoga, acupuncture and being out in nature, check out these local practitioners and studios.

Acupuncture with Rebecca Miller

Rebecca Miller – Paonia Wellness
Paonia Wellness Center began as Rebecca Miller’s private Chinese Medicine practice that has steadily grown since she moved to Paonia in 1999. Inspired by an Integrative clinic during a recent trip to Nepal, Rebecca started looking to expand her practice and move it in a more integrative direction by bringing in a western medicine practitioner.

Avalanche Ranch Hot Springs

12863 S Highway 133, Redstone
Designed around the natural landscape and rock formations of our dramatic Crystal River Valley, Avalanche Ranch features 3 Colorado natural hot springs pools in a tiered layout.
Cascading from one to the next, each of the beautiful hot springs is situated at a level that provides limited visibility from one to the next. The largest pool is fed by a 3-foot waterfall forming a warm screen of water in front of a rock grotto.

Ouray Hot Springs

1230 Main St Ouray
Our famous sulfur-free hot springs are the steam part of our winter equation. Nothing beats a warming hot springs soak after a day of icy adventures. The snowflakes falling and melting on your nose? Just a bonus!

Yoga Tree

110 S. 7th Street, Hotchkiss
Yoga Tree celebrates the body, mind and spirit through the eight limbs of yoga. Asana classes are taught in the IYENGAR tradition. Nancy Stechert, Senior Iyengar yoga instructor, is the owner of Yoga Tree.