Art & Artists

Unless you’ve been here and have seen for yourself, you might not assume that a region full of ranches and farms would also be such fertile ground for the arts. In 2012, the North Fork Valley was named a Colorado Creative District in recognition of its support of artists and performers. Participation is wide – from young to old, amateur to professional – each contribution is applauded and valued by this community. Come out and see for yourself!

These are just a few of our many local artists:

North Fork Artists

North Fork Valley Creative Coalition: We are artisans, agrarians, performers, and epicureans. We nurture community through experiential learning, creative expression, and wholesome living. From our hands to yours, we are the North Fork Valley Creative Coalition.

web05MattinglyLynn Dee Mattingly, Fiber Artist: Lynn is our neighbor and the creator of the quilts featured at the Wisehart Springs Inn. She is known for her silk painting and quilts, and we’re so glad to have her as our friend and neighbor.

IMG_1796Shannon Castle: Shannon makes art to process experiences, to explore relationships, to find peace, and to give thanks. She makes art as a visual prayer. She works in mixed media constructions with paint, clay, fiber, found objects, text, and her own recycled drawings, paintings, and prints. These elements are stitched, nailed, and otherwise collaged together to form meaningful images and symbols.

AtTheReadyDaphna RusselDaphna Russell is a sculptor and teacher known for the creation of stylized animals such as horses, buffalo, pigs, sheep and llamas. Her subjects are transformed from clay (some of which are produced in bronze) in an abstract style. The essence of her chosen mediums is virtually coaxed from the raw material, and the interplay between viewer and finished sculpture is one of emotion and intrigue: the interaction first precipitated by sight – then touch.

maryjursinovicMary Jursinovic:After more than 30 years of maintaining a studio and gallery in Crested Butte, Mary and Tony have relocated to the North Fork Valley of Western Colorado. The surrounding earthy, agricultural lands of Bone Mesa, and stunning views of mountains and mesas are a new source of creativity. When not in the clay studio Mary can be found tending her organic garden, biking and hiking in summer, and skiing and snowshoeing in winter. The Studio is open to the public by appointment. Please call or email for directions.

wise womanHockenberryFine Art Photographer Mary Hockenbery, represented in galleries in the southwestern U.S., in collections internationally, and in many private homes, captures with her lens artifacts of human existence and elements of nature, translating them through her unique world view into
images at once striking, symbolic and charming.
Graphic manipulations and interesting textures give a painterly quality to Mary’s thought-provoking and sometimes eerie iconography. From an original image or images, Mary builds layers in Photoshop, mixing visual elements, blending and erasing textures, working with color and composition as if on a canvas.

In the fall of 2013 Mary Hockenbery purchased a church in Hotchkiss with a planned opening in the Spring of 2014. The Church of Art will be a studio/gallery for Mary and a gallery space for grassroots and visionary artists from around the region.

North Rim Glass Studio is located in Western Colorado in the small town of Crawford. Owned and operated by husband and wife team, Jared & Nicole Davis, together they used their years of experience to create a successful glass blowing and design studio. Today, you can find their work in galleries, private homes and commercial spaces all over the world, in the form of custom lighting and one of a kind fine art. Open to the public, visitors are welcome to witness first hand the art of glass blowing and to view the quality craftsmanship on display in their showroom.